"It was hard at first but my life was at stake."

When I started my training at Warriors Path CrossFit in January of 2019 I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here I was a 64 year old guy out of shape diagnosed with Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes and already having experienced a cardiac event which required 2 cardiac stent implants. Something had to be done and with the recommendation from my friend Rob, you and WPCF entered my life.  It was hard at first but my life was at stake.  Now here we are two years later and I’m 30 pounds lighter and off 3 out of the 6 medications I was taking in 2019. My energy level is better than ever, I was able to complete an Iron Butt MC run allowing me to be part of the world’s toughest motor cycle riders association. My life has improved in so many ways and it’s all because I stuck to the WPCF program following your direction and getting the support of the other warriors at WPCF.  I can’t thank you enough for having such a positive influence on my life and out look. I look forward to many more WODS and continued physical, mental and yes spiritual growth.