"I am a happier, more patient after exercise"

1 year ago today I started working out at Warrior’s Path CrossFit with two other amazing moms. AJ was 4 and a half months. Our class is called stroller fit. We all had babies between 4 and 6 ish months old. We put it in our calendars and we showed up week after week for ourselves and also for our kids. I am a happier, more patient lady after exercise. My kids get to see that exercise is valuable and vital to health. AJs pregnancy was tough on my body. I want to be able to grab both boys and run upstairs without being winded. I want to be able to make one trip from the car with a lot of heavy bags. I want to feel strong mentally and physically. This has helped me so much through all the craziness of 2020 and seeing my abs again is certainly a bonus. Thank you to Chantel and Jessy for being accountability partners, cheering each other on and kicking butt. Thank you Coach Kris for giving us Mamas a chance and making it equal parts fun and challenging.