WOD 9.4.18

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QOD (Quote Of The Day)

Bulletproof Shoulders Testing Session #1 (No Measure)

PART ONE: Upper Body Movement Screen The upper body assessment identifies strength imbalances and mobility issues in your upper body. * Remember, if your athletes experience any pain that is >5/10, then stop. They shouldn’t during an assessment. If they do, there is most likely a larger issue than some simple shoulder imbalances. * If an athlete fails the Movement Screen, make a note of where they failed and measure it against when they repeat the test at the end of the month.

PART TWO: Pullups Complete one set to failure of Supinated Grip Chest to Bar Pullups * These are done Strict. Scale to Supinated Strict Pullups, then to a really hard Supinated Bar Inverted Row . Rest 4-5min

PART THREE: Shoulder Press (Double arm) Establish your 10 rep Max in 3 sets or less. * Keep the same pace on the way up as you do on the down

PART FOUR: 1 Arm Overhead Carry Establish a Max weight for 100m in 3 sets or less for each arm * Ideally 1-2 sets is enough, otherwise they will be too fatigued by their third set. Encourage your athletes to hold their body position as best as they can.

Metcon (Time)

1-2-3-4-5 Power Snatch

5-4-3-2-1 (each arm) One Arm DB Push Press

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