WOD 6.1.18

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1.: Deadlift (3-3-3-2-2-1)

Part 1:

Deadlift 3–3–3–2–2–1

* 30 sec. Pause at top.
Perform a rep every 30sec, and the ‘rest’ is holding the barbell in the top position until the next rep after 30sec. So for 3 reps it would take

1min 30sec to complete the set, rep 1 at 0sec, rep 2 at 30sec, rep 3 at 1min, then complete the set at 1min 30sec.

For the sets of 2, it will take 1min and for the set of 1, 30sec.

Ideally, you shouldn’t let go of the barbell. If you like, you can do a quick re-grip, or change grips between reps, but the bar shouldn’t stay on the ground longer than 3 seconds.

Perform a set every 4min. So for the sets of 3 that means you get 2min 30sec rest, for the sets of 2 you can 3min rest.

2.: Metcon (Time)

Part 2:

10 Deadlifts

20 Handstand Push-ups

2 Rounds
scale to a hard box pike pushup, then lastly to a deficit pushup or regular pushup.

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