WOD 4.9.20


Virtual CrossFit Classes
9am & 530pm

Warrior’s Path CrossFit – CrossFit

UIM: United in Movement Workout 4 (AMRAP – Reps)

9 Min / As Many Reps As Possible

30-20-10 of:

Alternating Hang DB C&J

Butterfly Sit-Ups

Right into…

30-20-10 of:

Alternating DB Hang Snatches

Butterfly Sit-Ups

M: 50 lb. dumbbell

F: 35 lb. dumbbell
Scale option

30-20-10 of:

R/L Mountain Climbers

(Touching arms)

Butterfly Sit-Ups

Right into…

30-20-10 of:

Plank Up Downs

Butterfly Sit-Ups

WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

GOWOD Mobility & Warm Up

1 Min Toe touch, hips & reach with palms OH

1 Min Wall Twist Each Side

1 Min Peck Stretch Each Side

1 Min Roll to V – Sit

WU: Power Monkey Fitness Part 3 (No Measure)

1) Action – Begin w/ arms over head and take a step to initiate a lunge

Purpose – Create a patern to build confidence, not rely on a wall

2) Action – Same as above – but kick a little higher

Purpose – Learn to maintain control and consistency

3) Action – Same as above – but try to get legs together and straight

Purpose – Learn to keep hollow body and not allow legs to pass over shoulders

4) IF you nailed the steps above – Action – get close to inverted and slowy allow legs to spread wide, into a straddle, lower as slow as possible

Purpose – Body Control through extension to compression

**Goal to stay short of vertical at this point


Play SONG by AC/DC “Thunderstruck”

Perform 1 Burpee Each time you hear the word “Thunder”

Have Fun!

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