WOD 4.10.20


Virtual CrossFit Classes
9am & 530pm

Warrior’s Path CrossFit – CrossFit

UIM: United in Movement Workout 5 (5 Rounds for reps)

Every 4 min (3min on + 1min rest) for 5 rounds of:

21/21 Alternating Lunge Jump

15/15 Single-Arm DB Floor Press

* scale to 15 Clapping Push-ups

9 Reverse Burpees

In remaining time within the 3min window: Max Broad Jumps | 4ft for men, 3ft for women

Rest 1min between rounds

M: 50 lb. dumbbell

F: 35 lb. dumbbell
This workout begins with the athlete standing tall. At the start of the clock, the athlete may begin performing their alternating lunge jumps. After the required repetitions are completed, the athlete will perform the second pressing movement, breaking it up as they so choose. Once complete, the athlete will perform the required number of reverse burpees. In the remainder of the time the athlete will perform as many 4ft broad jumps until the 3min mark is reached. Once the 3 minute mark is hit, the athlete will have a forced rest of 1 minute, before starting from the beginning, and repeating in this fashion for 5 total rounds.

The athlete score will be the total number of repetitions accumulated within the 5 rounds.

WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

GOWOD Mobility & Warm Up

1 Min each leg samson + hamstring stretch

1 Min hold at bottom of squat

1 Min wide hip opener each side

1 Min childs pose with arms behind neck

1 Min seated wall slides

Power Monkey Fitness Part 1 (No Measure)

Then Power Monkey Warm Up

(2 Rounds For Quality)

(Compression Drills)

10 Jefferson Curls + Overhead Press

10 Pancake Good Morning

10 Pike Ups (straight legs)

10 Straddle Up

10 Pike Over

10 Straddle Over

Power Monkey Fitness Part 2 (No Measure)

30 Second Drills

– On hands and knees finger tip drills

– In plank finger tip drills

– in hollow body plank shift weight from one hand to other

– in forward straddle jump OR drag forward

– In forward straddle stack hips to step backward OR donkey kick back

– in forward straddle slow and control kick hips to in line with shoulders OR one foot on a chair and other leg stacks hip over shoulder

*GOALS are to find the positions and shapes as best as you can

** You are not trying the become vertical

(unless you are already VERY proficient at handstands)

Power Monkey Fitness Part 3 (No Measure)

1) Action – Begin w/ arms over head and take a step to initiate a lunge

Purpose – Create a patern to build confidence, not rely on a wall

2) Action – Same as above – but kick a little higher

Purpose – Learn to maintain control and consistency

3) Action – Same as above – but try to get legs together and straight

Purpose – Learn to keep hollow body and not allow legs to pass over shoulders

4) IF you nailed the steps above – Action – get close to inverted and slowy allow legs to spread wide, into a straddle, lower as slow as possible

Purpose – Body Control through extension to compression

**Goal to stay short of vertical at this point

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