Truth Be Told…

Truth Be Told…

Realize… if you don’t BUY any junk food, you won’t HAVE any junk food to eat! There! I said it.

Now, Let’s dig in and be a bit more honest with ourselves…It is true, you are what you eat..

If you fuel your car or truck with cheap gas, do you notice how the engine is a bit sluggish? The same goes for your body. Compare the cheap gas to the food that is not so nutritious. If you eat poorly, your body performs poorly. I’m not only talking about during wods. I mean in general, Your brain does not function at its best, your reaction time is compromised, your attention is waning, and so on…

If you want peak performance, you need to treat yourself like a beautiful race car. …

Ask yourself… are your previous choices the best fuel for your engine?

This is behavior change and habit stacking.

So rather than taking away and feeling limited, have you ADDED in more veggies or fruit? Here’s an easy opportunity to give yourself a tune up and get race ready.

If you are not eating veggies and fruit by now please start to reframe the way you look at your plate.

Start with this 40% veggies- 30% protein- 30% starch (and avoid added sauces) No added sugar! NO candy, cookies or chips on a daily basis. These should be the exception or on an occasion for a treat.

Get ready for the car show!

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