Not Going to the Death Lepard Show

Not Going to the Death Lepard Show
Larry Lepard is an investment manager whose sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet on the road finally caught up with him.

“I wasn’t eating well, I wasn’t working out, I wasn’t doing the right kind of stuff, but I didn’t know what the solution was,” Lepard, 57, confesses.

The only solution doctors offered: “Here’s a pill for that.”

Instead of giving up, Lepard sought his own solution and walked into CrossFit New England. Lepard told them, “I want to get into good shape. Is that something you can help me do?”

The response: “Absolutely. … There’s one thing you gotta do: You gotta show up.”

Larry did exactly that. Since starting CrossFit, Lepard improved his fitness dramatically, and he’s convinced that it’s critical for people over 50 to start a fitness program to avoid what many believe is an inevitable decline due to aging.

“That deterioriation can be really pushed back as a result of … a commitment to an hour a day of moving,” Lepard explains.

“It’s about kicking ass into your 90s and not being decrepit in your 60s,” according to CrossFit New England affiliate owner and head coach Ben Bergeron.

The only thing you have to do?

“Just keep walking through the door,” Lepard says.