Nagging Tweaks, Random Pain, Minor Injuries?

A topic that has been brought to my attention recently and I thought it is worthy of a post.

If you have been experiencing some discomfort, little nagging tweaks or random pain – especially on a regulat basis AND I don’t mean that one thing that is a thorn in your side,  like my elbow,  that I can trace back to THE specific workout that bothered it. 

You might think you need to back off your training, however, If you workout between 3-6 days per week , you are NOT over training! 

I’m talking about feeling like,  today your knee hurts and tomorrow your shoulder, last week was your hip and tomorrow you are just overall feeling tired or lack motivation and you feel like several of these things keep rearing their ugly head. You find yourself feeling a little bit limited in your workouts. Your body is telling you something!  You need to pull back the curtain and consider some other aspects of your life. The basics. 

How much sleep are you getting? Are you drinking enough water? What’s your nutrition look like? Do you eat regularly or do you think it’s a good idea to starve yourself because you want to shed 5 pounds? What is your stress level? All of these things matter and they matter A LOT. 

BTW- Please don’t starve yourself! The quality of your food is more important that quantity. Nobody ever gained weight because they ate too many pieces of broccoli or too many apples. It’s more likey someone packed on a few from the cheezy broccoli soup with 10 million grams of sodium and the apple pie with the side of vanilla ice cream;  that is what gifted you that spare tire!

So I won’t get into the details of how to fix these things because we all have different lives. But it a good place for a little self reflection. 


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