Internal Motivation

You probably have not noticed, the last few weeks have been pretty tough, leaving us a little more sore than we typically feel…  AND there’s been a sprinkle of repeat workouts too.

This was intentional for the purpose of finding that grit when push comes to shove. That’s the mental game needed sometimes in our sport. The state of mind where you somehow find the internal motivation to push yourself to your limits.

At times, finding that limit can feel terrible and even scary, but you come out the other side mentally stronger, confident and more physically capable. We are consistantly growing mentally and physically. Which is also the reason to sometimes repeat workouts.

It helps to have a baseline for yourself and try to improve upon your own baseline by becoming stronger (even 1 pound stronger than last time) or faster (even 1 second faster than last time) or complete more reps (even 1 more rep than last time).

This is how we measure progress. We also need to understand that sometimes we are not stronger or faster or better than last time. It is ok! We learn from it and move on, which also requires humility and a bit of compassion for ourselves.

So as we are about to head into October (open season) we will begin to back off intensity a little bit, on some days with the intention of giving our all on competition days. (If you are not into the competition aspect it is fine!!) Remember we are competing for ourselves, with ourselves.

At the end of the day, it truly is about your WHY and what you intend to get out of the program. Sometimes just showing up is half the battle – I get it. 

See you at the box!