CrossFit is NOT a 6 week challenge!

CrossFit is NOT a 6 week challenge!

I’m sure you have seen tons of “6 week challenges” for weight loss, body fat loss, get tone and fit,  blah blah, etc. etc…. They are everywhere and appear to have your best interest in mind. It goes something like, pay a big pile of cash for an accountability coach, a meal plan and work out 3+ times/week. Great! Sign me up! Fix me in 6 weeks. These are simply lies. Sorry not sorry.

Ok, ok…  some of these challenges are legit and someone has their bank account and your well being and best interest in mind.  AND…  It’s ok to START there, it truly is! As a matter of fact that’s a great place to start. You put some skin in the game with the pile of cash (you may or may not get it back) and now you’ve sparked a fire under your butt. You feel more motivated than ever (you’ve got cash on the line) and engaged because someone is helping you stay accountable.  But what happens when the challege ends. So let’s say you feel and look better. Well, now what? 

Here’s the most important part. Are you ready?  Simple! IT CAN’T END there. So if you are motivated by a 6 week challnege and think its going to be life altering, GO FOR IT! Just be sure to realize and be honest with yourself that you can not un-do years of things like being sedentary and eating poorly in just 6 weeks. It takes hard work, long term consistent commitment, learning and being open minded, experimenting, trying and failing and trying again. It takes dedication, sacrifice, determination, drive and more. 

So when you are ready to make a permanent shift in your lifestyle, don’t worry… (It’s not all or nothing)  here are a few things to consider. You will need to become your own accountability coach and plan your schedule to keep the workouts up. Eat well, sleep and hydrate even though no one is watching (well except Santa, of course).

And so now I begin to tell you that when you are ready to take a step, come and take the Warrior’s Path.  At Warrior’s Path CrossFit we are ordinary people performing extraordinary things and we welcome you.  We welcome you to not only feel and look better, have more energy, strengthen your bones, decrease your chance for chronic disease, make new friends, test yourself, learn about yourself, become better at life, better in your relationships, feel confident and so much more. It’s magic and it’s here for you. Take the first step and give it a shot. 

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